Please advise when booking your appointment if you are pregnant, have any medical conditions or are taking any medication. GP consent may be required in some cases before carrying out your treatment.


Duration: 30 min Price: £28

An effective treatment for softening the skin on your feet. We begin by removing any hard or dry skin with a foot file, then we exfoliate your feet and lower legs. A himalayan salt and almond oil foot scrub will soften your feet further before a detoxifying soak in the foot spa. A shea butter mask will penetrate deep into the skin before a relaxing and rejuvenating massage leaving your skin nourished, soft and supple. This treatment is great for in between pedicure appointments to keep the skin on your feet free from dry and hard skin.


Duration: 90 min Price: £90

Snuggle up under a cosy duvet on our luxurious heated beauty beds with our winter warmer treatment. Feel the benefits of hot basalt stones on your back, neck and shoulders with their warmth penetrating into your muscles for the ultimate relaxation. Then enjoy a deeply cleansing and hydrating facial to nourish your skin and give it the attention it needs. Heated booties will ensure you are toasty to the tips of your toes and with a comforting foot massage your feet will feel light, soft and moisturised.


Duration: 30 min Price: £40

A blissfully relaxing massage treatment which focuses on the muscles in your chest, shoulders, head, neck, scalp and face. We use expertly performed massage moves to relieve tension and provide ultimate relaxation. This is a great treatment for anyone who suffers with tension headaches or sinus problems.