Skincare tips for oily or problem skin

To help prevent spots and encourage clean and clear skin the tips below will help you:

1. It is so important to exfoliate your skin regularly to help prevent pores becoming blocked and causing spots. 

2. Try using natural ingredients such as tea tree and lavender in your skincare products as they are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and healing. Also, ylang ylang will help to balance the skin’s sebum production.

3. Keep your skin clean – cleanse, tone and moisturise as a minimum every morning and evening. Always take your make up off, no matter how tired you are.

4. Use a light moisturiser to create a barrier and protect the skin from the elements.

5. If you have oily skin, avoid using an astringent which can be stripping for the skin which will encourage your skin to produce more oil. Try using a light facial oil, such as jojoba which will tell your skin that it has enough oil and therefore it will reduce the rate it produces sebum.

6. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol, sugar, saturated fat and caffeine. Increase your intake of fish oils, carrots, apricots as well as green vegetables like parsley, kale and spinach for Vitamin A content which is great for your skin. Vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant) is found in almonds, sunflower seeds, broccoli, and vegetable oils.

7. Avoid touching your skin with your hands and have a think about how clean your make up brushes and sponges are.

8. Avoid squeezing spots which can cause scars.  Instead try rubbing pure lavender oil onto the area to help bring down the infection and kill the bacteria. If you absolutely have to squeeze, then do so after a shower or bath when the skin is warm and supple. Use a clean piece of tissue wrapped around the ends of your fingers each time you touch your skin to avoid infection and spreading of bacteria.