Eyebrow shaping tips

Eyebrows are a very important facial feature -  they lift and frame your face. 

1.  Invest in some good tweezers – I use Erlinda -http://www.erlinda.de/english/

2.  Well shaped and defined eyebrows are in fashion so do not over pluck – you can always remove more hair at a later date but you can’t put them back!

3.  If you are fair or have grey in your eyebrows consider tinting them for extra definition.

4.  You can trim your eyebrows if some hairs are too long – brush your eyebrows straight up (you can use an eyebrow brush) and trim any stray ones.

There is a technical way to achieve perfectly measured eyebrows which is shown on the image of Angelina Jolie and explained below.

1.  The inside of the brow should be in line with the inside corner of your eye and also the outer edge of your nose.

2. The arch should start on the outer edge of your iris also lining up with the outer edge of your nose.

3. The brows should end at the outer corner of the eye also lining up with the outer edgeof the nose. 

I would advise combining this system with your own good judgement (or that of your beauty therapist!)