Anti Ageing Skincare Advice

There are many factors which affect the rate our skin ages. Some of these factors we are unable to control, such as the skin we have inherited. However, we are able to control most other factors such as diet, exercise, environment, lifestyle and how we treat our skin. My top tips will help you look after your skin as best you can.  
Eat well – avocados are full of vitamins A and E which are effective at fighting wrinkles. Vitamin C rich foods e.g. kiwi fruit, berries and citrus fruits help to build collagen and mop up ageing toxins.Oily fish and nuts contain essential fatty acids and protein which helps skin to repair itself and to keep its firmness. Brazil nuts have a high selenium content which fights the ageing process by preserving the elasticity in your skin.

Drink plenty of water - plumps up the skin and flushes out the toxins that cause a dull complexion and wrinkles.

Exercise and massage – stimulates your circulation which brings vital nutrients to skin cells and helps your lymphatic system to remove toxins.

Environment – air conditioning and heating can dry out your skin and cause premature ageing. Sunlight has a profound effect on the skin causing premature skin aging. Avoid getting the sun on your face and using a good sunscreen will help.    

Cigarettes and Alcohol – alcohol dries and dehydrates your skin which causes early signs of ageing. Cigarettes strip your body of nutrients, which your skin needs to stay youthful and encourages wrinkles around your mouth.

Skincare – be gentle with your skin particularly on your face. Don’t pull your skin particularly around your eyes. Exfoliate regularly to encourage your skin to renew itself and remove dead skin cells.  Invest in a decent moisturiser to keep your skin properly moisturised – don’t let it dry out as it will inevitably wrinkle.

Essential oils and plant extracts – frankincense is renowned for its firming properties, rose is generally fabulous for skin as it assists the health and maintenance of skin cells, apple seed extract helps to increase collagen production, date seed extract has anti-age and anti wrinkle properties, larch extract encourages skin tightening and rosehip oil encourages skin regeneration.

Sleep –is your best "free" anti-ageing treatment. While you sleep your cells and tissues regenerate so treat your skin to an early night!