Georgina's top 10 tips for looking after hands and nails:
  1. When exfoliating your face use any remaining product left on your hands to exfoliate them.  This removes any dead skin on your hands revealing fresh, soft, new skin underneath.
  2. Push your cuticles back with a wooden (orangewood) stick after soaking them.  Do not use metal as it can be too harsh and you may damage the matrix which is where the nail is formed.
  3. Use nail clippers rather than scissors or an emery board to reduce the length of your nails.  Clippers help to seal the free edge and keep the layers of the nail together which prevents peeling of the nail. 
  4. Try and use gloves wherever possible, particularly if your hands are in water.
  5. File your nails in one direction rather than a seesaw action which can separate the layers of the nail.  Once water finds its way between the layers of the nail peeling occurs. 
  6. If you are painting your nails always use a basecoat (preferably prescribed to your nail type) so you do not stain the nails.
  7. Gently scrub your nails with a soap free hand wash before you paint them.  This removes any excess grease from the nail.  The polish will stick to the nails better and this will also help prevent the polish from peeling.
  8. Nails are like hair and like to be trimmed regularly.  Every 2-3 weeks depending on how quickly your nails grow
  9. Use a rich hand cream to moisturise the skin and cuticles after washing your hands.  Keep it in the bathroom or kitchen to help you remember to use it.
  10. Prevent rough, dry cuticles by daily use of a cuticle cream or oil.